Welcome to my new website!

Thanks for tuning in to my new website. Here you will find commentary on pop culture – from great reads to interior design to worthwhile restaurants and entertainment.

You can also check out the Writing and Editing Services page if you are looking for help in your very own writing endeavour! Likewise, click on the Creative Writing link at the top of the website for activities and ideas to get you started. I am in the process of getting this website organized and full of great content – your patience is much appreciated!


Starting a blog – scary!

So I’ve finally swallowed my pride and started a blog. I am a little scared, and a little excited, but mostly nervous. However, if I want my wish to come true: to become a writer who sits on the end of a dock, writing on her laptop all summer, I have to start somewhere. And that somewhere is here! Unlikely as it is, I have joined the world of blogging.